I'm Jordan (Envyyous), and I am 26 years old, out of Seattle, Washington. I've been playing games since I was about 5 when the Snes was introduced to me, and my love for gaming just grew from there! I am a pretty casual player, but I can be very competitve at times.  I've mainly focused on MMORPG's and MOBA's, but I'm down to play and try most games. 
     I have been partnered since May 4th, 2015. Although, I have not been able to stream all that time. Due to life events I have had to take multiple extended breaks from my stream. But even though I wasn't streaming that did not stop me from attending both Tiwtchcons and keeping up with the community on Twitter and Twitch.

     I will probably add more to this soon. 
feel free to add/follow me on any of the social media platforms.